Calendar: SS +121 as of SS 195 (A 316)
Currency: Wings (equals 1 gp)

Aerokeep is a small kingdom high in the Veriber Mountains. The mountain peaks are the source of Float, also called Gravitus. Float is a metal that rebukes gravity, thus much of Aerokeep is upon Islands that float among the peaks of the mountains.

After the Great Plague, the surviving Gryphon Knights of Southern Kami-Kor fled to Pulcher. But Feuds with the other knights over who would be king caused the Gryphon knights to leave Pulcher and seek a new home for themselves. They journeyed until they found the mountains of Float. There they formed Aerokeep and made Sagremor the Stalwart their first king.
The history since that time has been mostly a quiet one due to their isolation. They have fought the Druegar, Lindwurms, and Dragons. They have also been numerous conflicts including three Civil Wars against Lord Kess in 72, Moore in 188 and 201, And Sir Gerhir in 274. This last rebellion brought about the death of King Dolgalon and the creation of the Outerpass Lordship.
War almost broke out again in 300, caused by the deceptions of QidneQok the Spriggan. His Machinations caused a rift between the nobles and the peasantry. To heal this rift, a parliament was formed which approves new laws created by the king. Each Lord gets a seat plus Three Commoners who are voted by the masses.
Since that time, Aerokeep has once again been Quiet, except for Lord Fieldman’s Daughter-in-Law. Aerokeep has become less isolated and has more dealing with the other human nations. Especially Outerpass which is now developing a trade in Mead and hard liquor.

Government and Social Structure:
Armies are put together in the early medieval fashion. The King has the King’s Guard and the Commitatus, an army of common soldiers. He is the only one who may call forth the Commitatus, now with the approval of parliament, and nobles may not form a standing army. They do have Garrisons for their keep which may be used for defense and keeping public order.
Lords command banners of knights, usually 4-6 Gryphon knights. Most lords have only one or two banners. The king has 4 banners. In total there are about 50 Gryphon Knights and about 100 Gryphons in Aerokeep.

Ranks of the Military
General (only one)

Ranks of Nobility

Note that a Marshal may be a lower noble or a very accomplished Peasant. The King may knight a marshal which is the only way a commoner may become a noble.

Lords of Aerokeep
Lord of the mines—Lord Moore
Lord of Spire Crag—Lord Robert
Lord of Zephyrus—Lord Countland
Lord of Mt. Verinus—Lord Gaddins
Lord of Outerpass—Lord Fieldman

Bishops of Aerokeep

Aerokeep is technically Papal, giving homage to Mother Church of Kami-kor and while they acknowledge the Bishop of Malipar, they do not really pay attention to him, following the council of the three Bishops of Aerokeep instead.

The Wing equals a little less than 1 gp but most transactions are done on a 1w = 1 gp transaction rate.

The most notable possession of the nobles are the Gryphons, the mounts for knights and lords of Aerokeep. There are four types of mounts: Pennfeathers (Gryphons), Goldfeathers (Larger Gryphons), Hippogryphs (also called Horsefeathers), and Great Eagles.

Rafts, barges, and boats are attached to Float and thus fly. Note that Flyers have a net weight of 0 or negative and thus weight has to always be considered. Most flyers have a rock bilge with counterweights and most sky piers have counterweights boxes as well (give a rock, take a rock). A flyer that isn’t properly tied or countered will float away: “A fool often gives to heaven as much as a priest.”

The bare handed fighting style of the nobles and commitatus. Coltal boxing is very similar to modern featherweight boxing. A Coltal combat may be judged or go to KO, or even to the death in rare cases. Judicial Trials by Combat are Coltal.

Aerokeep: While all lands of the Gryphon Knights is called Aerokeep, the castle of the king, which rests upon a floating island, is officially called Aerokeep.

Mt. Verinus: This is where the church and commoners first settled around Aerokeep. Built into the stone mountains, this part of Aerokeep is basically a huge garrison. Attached to Mt. Verinus by a suspension bridge to the king’s castle.

Zephyrus: The floating island of Zephyrus is the main city of Aerokeep.

The Mines: This large irregular island has been nearly mined out of Gravitus. As such, it has recently crashed into the earth. Moore is in charge of mining what is left and of several smaller islands.

Outerpass: This area is the new expansion of Aerokeep. It is filled with Industry and new buildings.

Notable Citizens
Queen Esloraina—The king’s young bride. Everyone is quite taken with the shy queen.
Wat Chandler— Peasant leader and Holder of one of the Parliamentary Seats.
Sir Burchos— leader of the King’s Guard.
Sir Kadman—At age 60, he is the oldest member of the King’s Guard. His back was broken from a fall
and so is girdled into his breastplate.
Sheyshalla Fieldman-Elven bride of Lord’s Fieldman’s son. She is beautiful and quite opinionated.
The Flock— Lord Fieldman has 6 grandchildren, known collectively as the Flock. Being agile half-elves, they are very adept at getting into trouble.
Father Harold Vinmann—The bishop of Outerpass. A classic middle-age priest.


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