Andpostahd translates into the phrase “The Chimerical Land.” it is a thick Jungle filled with random rivers and swamps. It is also a desert and rarely rains there. But it is next to the rain marsh and much of Andpostahd’s interior is below sea level. Many Natives live in the jungle in small villages.

There are three colony cities on the coast of Andpostahd. These towns are built upon wooden platforms and piers.

Londinity: This is the town for San Servus.
Queensport: The regal city for Malipar.
Aventura: Formally Slavekept. Dwelliger sells the city to Cape Ellis in SS 198.

Common Denizens:
Trorro-The native men of Andpostahd.
Boshens- Andpostahd Elves
Mons- Dark Skin Orcs that live in the Jungle.

Much of the food in Andpostahd is very spicy. The best known is nmumu, or spiced grilled meat.

Some Trorro Words and Phrases:

Pole Sana-Sorry
Nembob-Friend or sturdy
Amuneru-Keep it to yourself. No need to give it.
Coleyo-Story, Idea, or opinion.
Adomayha-This happen to . . . This is the beginning of stories.
Kech-Pedros dung. A very bad name to be called

Double last syllable to make something plural: Tenlumpopo, for example, is Monsters.
A very positive language. Negative means evil/bad. So you would say “He ate little” not “He didn’t eat much.” or “I would prefer to stay here” and not “I don’t want to go.”
Common Wisdom:
Do not give your opinion on things you know nothing about
A fool who doesn’t learn is better than a fool who teaches.


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