Cape Ellis

Government: Independent Districts (sub-city states)
Population: 50,000 souls

Cape Ellis is a trade city on an island in the Pulcher Sea. It is used by merchants of all countries. Besides trade, the primary exports are wine, dates, and olives. It was founded by Sir Antasio Cavehellis in SS-272. While not a part of Malipar, they are very closely tied with that country and follow the Malipar calender. Most citizens are of the Faith and look to the Bishop of Malipar for guidence.

Weather: warm and hot.

Marchese Cavahellis
Marchese Cesare
Marchese Tallios
Duke Giuliano
Duke Velino (Velin)
Duke Fornovo
Duke Conture
Duke de’Saravorni
Duke Dagelo

Each district is independently ruled by a Duke. The first three districts are are designated Marchese. which is higher in honor but has equal power to a duke. The Dukes can convene a congress of dukes to make decisions concerning the island but this is almost never done.

Cape Ellis

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