Types of Dwarves:
Mountain: Most dwarves live in the Veriber mountains. They are more stubborn and xenophobic than their hill cousins.

Hill: In the dwarven hills is a colony of dwarves who run the trade caravans between the mountain dwarves and races of San Servus. There is a underground city where their king and most of the dwarves live. The hill dwarves are masters of brewing, using local halfling grains for their ales.

Zinzigy: In Virvilir live hedonistic, dark-skin dwarves who are so drunken and lazy that they don’t even wear armor. However, they are very cunning.

Druegar: The evil dwarves live deep within the veriber mountains.

Gnomes: Gnomes, an offshoot of dwarves, live deep within the Veriber mountains. They are a very rare race.

Class Notes:
Dwarves do have spell resistance and may not be mages.
Hill dwarves have many scouts who patrol the surface lands. They may be Rangers or (fighter/thieves).

Some Dwarven words:
Hello (nuetral): Vborje
Hello (fellow warrior): Jemorjein
Hello (Lover): Arvas
Hello (you are here): Chell. Said to people you don’t like.
Note: It is acceptable in Dwarven culture to freely admit you don’t like somebody.
Good-bye: Geborv
Get the hell out, right now: Bedok. Perfectly acceptable phrase to say to one’s friends.
No-Cra or Crr
Yes-Tarras. Usually a condition should be applied to it. “Yes if”
Band of Adventurers: Solen. Must have at least one dwarf in the party to count.
Gold: Av. Golden is Avay
Iron: Nos. Iron made is Nosay
Hammer: Hom
Axe: Brang
Battle: Avjebor
Person who isn’t a dwarf but is still OK: Bohrack
Monster: Heohr. Literaly, thing that needs steel put into it.
Quest-Oath: Moyong
Story: Aedden
Beard: Vrarm
Good dwarven Beard: Nold
Beer: Dag
Good Dwarven Beer: Dolden
Thing: Morj. Also the general word for goblinoids.
Idiot: Braggen. Temporary Condition, as in Don’t be an idot
Stupid fat idiot: Hethal. permanent State of being.
Fool: Mohahr. Worse insult you can give without starting a fight.
Fool: Kor. This insult will start a fight with a Dwarf.
It’s Bad: Clack
Home: Yrros

Dwarven Phrases:
Say Durgamal? Do you speak dwarven?
Kur Bodahr: We are all going to die.
Ambar Say Tarras Iyix say cra: It is easier to say No than Yes.
Ajebor: Now you and I fight
Back Avor: Let us go, now.
Back Uvkost: Do it or else.


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