Deep in the Veriber Mountains live the Gnomes, an offshoot of Dwarves. They may refer to themselves as svirfneblin or gnomes. Most Gnomes have wonderlust when young and set off for one great adventure, The Svurtavamor. This great travel usually follows the trade caravan to the city of the Hill Dwarves and then on to Lodain. Otherwise, they are content to live in their underground city and fiddle with their mining and building. Apart from Raiding Druegar, they have no enemies.

They are ruled by the Tasvupnonop. Below him are four Svurtburgers.
a Gnomish knight is called a Nommermon. They may ride giant dogs into battle.

Gnomes may be mages, especially Illusionists.

While Gnomes like to talk Metaphysics while drinking, they don’t really have organized religion and priests. They acknowledge the “Great Tinkerer,” also called the Clockmaker. They do tell stories of Garl Glittergold, but these are epic stories. Two other gnomish deities are sometimes worshiped by deranged gnomes. The first is the great Meddler, Nebelum. The second is Urdlen, the Outcast and the epitome of Evil.

Gnomish Vocabulary:
Gnomish is very similar to the language of the Dwarves (except that they have dropped all the insults). Basic words (hello, gold, etc) are the same. Except that they have more words for nose:

Mevi-Nose. A lot can be told about a person by their nose.
Ceege-Tip of nose. This is the part that you try not to get cut off.
Meegi-Back/ridge of nose. A healthy Meegi is a sign of a healthy body.


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