Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins are common throughout the lands. They are leathery umber in color and complexion and close to human in skeletal structure.
Since the edict Behadeau’s Plea in SS 172, the church has extended its protection towards peaceful goblinkin. Integration started before that, during the Fiefdom War, when both sides used goblinkin mercenaries. Now, Orcs and Goblins are allowed into the cities of the Londs and, in theory, co-exist with the other races (But don’t talk about this around the dwarves).

But in the Feral Plains, Orcs and Goblins still live the old way, raiding each other and scrapping out an existence in these bad-lands. (More About the Feral Plains)

Goblinoid Vocabulary

Orcs: They very much look like Lord of the Rings Orcs
Goblins: Are like Lord of the Rings Goblins.
Hobgoblins: Are the more Lawful tending species. They have the greatest sense of honor and bravery.
Bugbears: Are Bugbears. They are the most Chaotic tending species. They have a very poor sense of property.
Argoth: Are goblins with claws. They are also very jumpy and sneaky.
Norkers: Live in the mountains.
Ogres: Ogres are big and mean
Gnolls: Gnolls are from the forests on the other side of the mountains but some travel into orcish lands.
Fretnatavir: Weasel men. They call themselves Gnolls
Mongrels: All of the above can interbred and do fairly frequently (let’s not talk about that anymore) So one can play ½ ogre, or Gnoll-Orc or something.
Kobalds: These are not Goblinoids but are lizard stock. They act like Pathfinder Goblins. And many can be mutants.
Urd: Winged Kobalds.

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