Lady of Fortune

Also known as Tymora (from Forgotten Relm)
Her symbol is Fortune’s Wheel, commonly a silver coin.

The Lady of Fortune is the bringer of good luck. Whereas she is considered a benevolent goddess, she is also inconsistent, coming and going upon whim. She is described as a young woman with long hair in the front and very short hair in the back. Her clothes are never flowing in back either: Once she turns from you, there is nothing to grab hold of to keep her from leaving. While she may leave to help somebody else, she will also leave if you misuse her gifts, disdain her gifts, or assume that your good fortune is due to your own ability and greatness.

Dame Fortune’s Temple is in the town of Diecast north of Gladius Tenal. But even with only temple, She is worshiped all over the Londs and many worshipers of other religions call upon Lady Luck or cary tokens to bring her favor.

Paladins of the Lady of Fortune are called Princes of Serendip and have special Luck Powers.

Lady of Fortune

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