Second Creation

Gods of the Second Creation

The Elder gods looked down upon their ruined creation and saw that the first world was doomed. Their warring and arrogance had destroyed the world beyond any hope of salvation. And so they decided to focus all their power into one small stone. As they did, the old world and the old gods died and Altineer Prime was formed. Only one deity stayed behind, Novum the earthmother. Together, the two gods worked to make things right again.
Altineer’s first action was to make the other gods. As he created the gods, he also cast off all of the random thoughts and lies so that he could perceive with perfect clarity. These thoughts became Amelak, who awoke with a laugh. After the gods were created, Altineer and Novum created our world together. Then Altineer withdrew from the world and created for himself a plane for him to observe and regulate.
The religion of the second creation is focused on living in harmony with nature, other people, and justice. Much talk is on “Balance” and the avoidance of negative emotions. Since the religion has no sacred texts, worship is varied. Most practitioners live in communities somewhat segregated from people of the Faith. The two biggest communities are in Peaceoak and Copenell.

Deity (Sphere of Control)
Novum (Nature and beauty)
Altineer Prime (Balance and intelligence)
Lutines (Lord of the moon)
Regulator (Conscience and cosmic justice)
Alura (Love and Homemaking)
Felum (Farming and providing)
Vectum (Immediate Justice) (War)
AmelaK (Chaos and deceit)
Illilykey (Insects and teamwork)
Greystone (Dwarfs and smiths, AKA Moradin)
Silverstone (Elves, AKA Correlon)
Acquera (the Ocean and ships)
Kriymuir (Earth)
Breth (Air)
Fountonn (Water)
Anok (Fire)
Monstroth (Evil)
Ubaises (Balance and certainty-slain by the Monstroth)

Altineer’s Laws
1.Find your place (or purpose) in life and be that.
2.Do not fight the flow of the river of life.
3.Leave places better organized than how you find them.
4.Let go of anger, fear, hatred, and all destructive emotions.
5.Do not covet another’s fate.
6.Keep the Truth, Reject the lie.
7.Seek Balance.
The world move by these laws. Disharmony exists when gods and men seek to command the world. Desire creates suffering. Submit to the will of the Prime.

Second Creation

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