The Faith

The vast majority of people in the Londs are monotheistic, worshiping an omnipotent God who is beyond and above the gods of the Outer Planes. This being has many names and forms of worship but is usually called the Lord, the Creator, or the Father. The elder name of lord, Adonai, is used as well. Members of the Faith belong to the Church. The Church is integrated with the culture of San Servus and it provides protection, guidance, and charity for those in need. Clerics of the Faith get their powers from the Serephims and Saints that live in the Outer Planes. These beings also worship the Lord but are enigmatic about theological and metaphysical issues. They never preach but are known to conduct miracles and imbue powers to priests, paladins, relics, and the like. Such powers are rare, only 2 people with such abilities reside in Lodian and they may not always call upon their powers. The Faith has several philosophical sub-sects.

Heroic teachings focus on motive and wisdom as the keys to salvation. Followers of the path revere the saints, seek pilgrimages, service to others, and adventure. Their symbol is the circle, a sign of infinity and completeness. Most of San Servus is of the Heroic Faith.

Mother Church derives from the church of Malipar, which can trace it’s lineage back to ancient Kami-Kor. They believe that order and rules will help guide the soul to Heaven. Confession is very important and best done before a priest. They take the echelon cross as their symbol, a sign of unity and faith.

The Profician path is the most mystical. They study the ancient texts for hints of the future and better clues about the metaphysical nature of the world. They seek a better understanding of everything and the abolishment of desire, hatred, and fear.

The Denigrators, started by the monk Thomas the Flagellant, is a small cult that is gaining a few followers in the Londs. These worshipers are devoted to extreme asceticism. While it is a debated philosophy, not many take this path since you cannot have a profession, a house, regular meals, baths, haircuts, or many other things people tend to be fond of.

Rolandian: The faith in Rolandia is similar to Papal beliefs but they are even more ritualized (especially in the south). They are very superstitions and worry about rituals for both physical and spiritual protection. Since they were literally ruled by devils 100 years ago, this is an excusable practice.

Sudeemian believe in the same Deity but they hold very little else in common. Parts of their religion is very mystical while others aspects have very concrete ordinances. They must practice Zakat (charity) and pray 5 times every day. Since followers cannot deviate from the rules, which include avoiding alcohol, this faith is not very popular in San Servus.

A Flavor Note: The religion of the game-world is a reflection of Medieval religions in another effort to have a more Arthurian feel to the world. I hope that those who believe will enjoy playing characters that share their faith. And, as always, I hope that the culture of the game-world lead to moral dilemmas and philosophical issues for the characters.

Saints of the Faith
Benisir: The oldest of saints, Benisir (Benajin in Sudeemian) was a simple monk who loved nature and animals. He was a traveler, living on alms and helping those in need. He was a cleric but never held a mace, as such he is the patron saint of compassion.

Megebyrn Animenos: The knight Megebyrn fought and slain the god Seyos and the corrupt deities of his pantheon. His actions showed that the gods of the outer planes were not worthy of being glorified.
His stories, along with the legends of St. Benisir are the only myths held in common with the religion of Sudeemia.

Andromia: During the age of Pulcher, the goddess Andromia was worshipped by cultists throughout the lands. According to legends, she repented, revoked her claim to being a god and started following the Faith. Her sons Tynac, Nuntius, and Tasadin also repent. Tasadin changes his name to the San Servus (“he without slaves”). The sons of Andromia often appear in visions and miracles.

There are many other saints as well, including the poet Colban, Elben of the sea, Fredric, Photos, Finelus, And Waitors the Paladin.

St. Colban’s Prayer:
Hear our cries and grant our petitions
Save us from famine and plague
Protect us from the powers of nature
Enlighten our minds and grant us serenity
Forgive us of our sins
And show us wisdom to forgive those who transgress
Give us the power to destroy that which is against you
Please grant our petitions

Bardeaux’s Prayer:
I pray that I will have the strength of heart of faith
To find my way if my Lord finds that I am not needing.
And they understanding to receive his wisdom that he deems me
Worthy and needing.

The Faith

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