Book of Avilorn

Charity's Return

Documented Record
Demonsque 55, 817

Due to the important nature of this event, I am recording a full report on the return of Prince Charity Spydryc, my mother. The reports of those higher rank will probably be more useful immediately but this report may be of value as a historical record. I have been having dreams.

I saw a sparse muted landscape with ruins. Upon telling my Dreams to Synicalas, who is the very brave Paladin that often visits me, he determined that I was dreaming of a Limbo called the Forgotten. After a few more dreams we were certain that Prince Charity was in the Forgotten. I reported to Embotitor Lynx and he made plans to rescue the Prince.
Embotitor Lynx and I journeyed to Malipar where Edward Brass got us an Audience with Magister Balthus Mortigan-Stern. I have prepared a second report on Edward Brass.
Accompaning Mr. Brass was two adverntures from the White Tower. The first was the Maliparian Pirate Quadira. The second was the Rolanian Elf Xaphic. The random nature of these two were difficult for Embotitor Lynx to manage and made his eyes do this weird glazed-twitch thing.
Magister Mortigan-Stern granted us Emedance into the Academe’s Vault where we opened a portal to the Forgotten. How this was done and what other artifacts I saw are noted in a prepared second report on the Vault.
The Forgotten was just as I saw in my dreams: rolling sparse hills covered in dying plants, as if the world was caught in a perpetual autumn twilight. Anchient ruins dotted the landscape, temples to long dead gods.
The path quickly lead us to a temple that had been turned into a fort for the Clan. We found Charity there. She was just as I remembered her and standing next to her was comforting and familiar, as it was when I was younger. I was so happy to be reunited. Naturally I mean finding the leader of Clan Spydryc and one of the best commanders of Dwelliger and not just because she is my Mother.
With her was Lord Chimera, Knightman 3rd Frost, and Arcadian Lancer Alter Son. I have prepared a second report on Lord Chimera. Quadira instantly took a liking to Knightman Frost, one that was innapropriate but natural for women of the West. But I also espied Knightman Frost eyeing her when he thought nobody was looking.
Xaphic and Quadira was assigned the task of finding the portal home. The Forgotten is such that you never find what you are searching for. It is a perfect trap for Dwelligerians. Xaphic refused to help us: he lazed around the Fort for a while and then wandered off, heading back. We followed, filled with doubt. Still he wandered and we quickly came upon the portal.
It was guarded by a Daemon of the Monstronth, a spear-weiding woman who took the face of my mother. She summoned tendrils of energy that attacked us but we were able to dispatch this Daemon and pass through the portal.
It lead us to more woods and a different plane. Coming out of the woods, we saw a great wooden feast hall, massive and majestic. It was built upon the foot of a mountain and next to it grew a great tree nearly as large as the mountain. We found a door and entered.
Inside we found a great table set for hundreds to feast but with no guests and no food. A few entities wandered through the hall: I saw Men, Ghosts, and a Beholder. There were several alcoves and rooms that radiated off the main hall. Exploring these passages we found a door guarded by a Lathis. There was a sign that read “For sale: Rags and Bones, Odds and Ends” Linx began to shake and told us we had to get away from the door for behind it was pure evil.
Leaving this evil door we went into an alcove that was chapel for the gods of Order. Linx prayed to these gods and a Lathis entered into the hall. It guided us to a bridge over a lake. The Lathis told us that we may cross together but we will arrive at the further shore alone.
As we crossed the bridge, we saw shadows and hints of fires on the distant shores. The stars above shone bright and clear, reflecting upon the still waters. Where the lake touched the horizon, we could not tell where the lake ends and the sky begins. We heard voices on the wind, familiar voices, our parents and teachers and those we use to know. At the end there was a scream from scores of voices and a storm came over us. The stars were obscured and we were seperated. Only my mother and I were able to stay together.
We found the end of the bridge. It lead to an island with a door carved into the store. What was beyond this door was very personal, very spiritual, and very private. I do not report it here. I know that each member of our Group found a simular experience.
Our door lead eventually to the shores of the River Malipar where we found the rest of our Group. All except for Linx who did not return and whose wereabouts are still unknown. . .

We now return East to take back control of Clan Spydryc and restore Order to Dwelliger.

Prosperous Legacy
Upon the Royal Fortune


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