Book of Avilorn

Riggin' Scuffle

Every year in the spring, The Free City of Corsair holds an obstacle course race on the harbor. They string up ropes and planks over the water and contenders fight to make it to the end. The course is run over two days. One Race is ran on the first day (the hardest) where entry is 100 Royals (500gp). Usually only about a dozen contenders can pay the fee for the first day but the reward is often enough to buy a ship. The second day is only 10 Royals (50GP) and several races are ran. The winner gets 80% of the fee. However, more money is made in side betting. There are 3 flags along the way and each one represents making it that much farther. Typical bets involve wagering on which flag a contender will get to.

But this year is different. For some of the contenders, this race is about much more than riches and glory . . .


BuckHolmes BuckHolmes

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