Dwelliger I have come here to enlightened all of you. You need not deliberate upon the issue of this invasion. We have determined it is time for you to be conquered and so you shall be conquered. You have no choice. Your lands now belong to the King, your bodies belong to the Clans, and your souls belong to Hell. This is the will of the Clans of Dwelliger and none may oppose the will of the Clans. —-Servitor Principal Hessian Dangalar In his address to the San Servian Council (717)

Calendar Year: SS+622
Government: Monarchy controlled by the Clans
King Tolarc VI
Monarch as of 817:
Population: 260,000

Dwelliger is the realm of Order. Every aspect of life is conducted in accordance to the law and with Military Precision. Citizens are serfs who work in the job that they are determined best suited for. Nobles are part of the Military, insuring order is maintained. You are allocated material goods that you need. For 800 years Dwelliger has used fear and hatred to maintain order but now many in the Clans have rejected maliciousness and the devils that promote such evil. Instead they are forging a way of pure law and order. This has caused much political upheaval and plunged Dwelliger into the Third Clan War

Dwelliger was founded by the Evikar the Fiend, the exiled noble of Kami Kor who tried to lead a rebellion against the kingdom and the Church. The Formation took over 120 years until Demonsque formed clan Foustic and united Dwelliger with the Mages of Dedlak. For the next 250 years Dwelliger was a backwards, sparsely populated country plagued by in-fighting between the clans. This culminated with the Second Clan War, the destruction of Clan Termon, and Mentuer Dangalar’s rise to the throne. During the Great Restructure, Clan Termon’s land was divided into clan Valeth and Great Cabol and a more ordered society was put in place.
Dwelliger is not the most hospitable but during this time the clans learned how to exploit it and the people and maximize the power of their kingdom. Their power grew until the Birth of San Servus.
And now the old Dwelliger is crumbling as the Third Clan War continues.


Clan Greater Symbol Symbol
Dangalar Glyph of Power Ѱ
Beliz Double noose E
Belroe Dragon D
Foustic Infernal Glyph Ж
Spydryc Spider Ɏ
Dedlak Skull Ω
Valeth Serpent & Arrow S
Great Cabol Devouring Maw Z
Stigma Crossed Axes X


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