Free City of Corsair


Within the island chain known as the Wandering Coast is the Free City of Corsair, a colony of pirates, scoundrels, and others who just can’t quite follow the rules of [[Malipar] ]society. By wisely laying low and watching who they attack, the pirates of Corsair have been able to live free and even prosper over the last century. They have played a key roll in the destruction of the slave trade and the civil war in Dwelliger.
In SS 113, three Pirate Captains: Derek Smalls, Viccman Cagey, and Marsain Guillome Appelion Tripidoux, lead a fleet of ships and sacked the Dwelligerian city of Unatarist. With this treasure and a following of hundreds of freed slaves, the pirates settled Corsair the following year. The three leaders became the first three Alderman of the city. With Decan Twist and Joseph Noc as their front men in Malipar and Copenell respectively, they quickly developed the island into the perfect base.
It is often reported that Corsair is on the coast of Ethercist; an idea that is often encouraged by the pirates. But in truth, the location of the island is an open secret. The Council in San Servus, the Maliparian Navy, and many ambassadors have charts to the location of Corsair. The Maliparians cannot officially admit to knowing Corsair’s location because then they might have to do something about it, which, for many political and practical reasons, would be a bad thing. Besides, better to have them over there than nearer a respectable, civilized location. The Navy has even been known to chase disreputable ships towards the island in order to get rid of them (“Get over with your own kind and do not come back”).
The city has a population of around 5,000 souls. However, most are sailors and the city is always in flux. Those who stay are either freed slaves, those who ended up on the island through luck, or retired sailors. The government is very basic with three alderman acting as governors and the admiralty court.
The constitution of the city was carved on a tavern table which was lost during the Great Mischief of SS 168. But citizens don’t need to refer to it since there are only Four Laws upon the island:

1.Corsair is Neutral ground and nobody may kill another on the island without the express written consent of the court.
2.No man, nor any woman neither, may interfere with a ship’s charter.
3.Anyone upon the island may bring any grievance before the Admiralty Court but all parties must abide by the court’s decisions.
4.Anyone who builds a house upon free space may call it their own. No person may damage such a house nor take anything from it. The court may condemn a house if it is vacant for more than 13 months.

Four times a year, the aldermen pass around the barrel to collect money for the running of the island. This voluntary tax is called the Barrel Nod or just “the nod.” Sailors are suppose to pay one phrase (1 sp), homeowners 1 verse (4 ¼ sp) and captains are suppose to pay 1 Royal (5 gp). While one doesn’t have to pay, it is considered poor form and a captain that doesn’t pay is considered either a bad captain or a miser.
Other than that, Pirates can do whatever they want upon the island. Most raid Dwelligerian and Sudeemian ships in the summer and winter in Corsair. Corsair Pirates can get Letters of Marque from Malipar to attack slave ships and from Dwelliger to attack other Dwelligerians. The council in Copenell will also pay for freed slave ships. A good slave ship, then, can be rewarded thrice. But whatever coin is received is usually spent on brandy, gin, and whiskey pretty quick.

The Riggin’ Scuffle:
Every year in the spring, Corsair holds an obstacle course race on the harbor. They string up ropes and planks over the water and contenders fight to make it to the end. The course is run over two days. One Race is ran on the first day (the hardest) where entry is 100 Royals (500gp). Usually only about a dozen contenders can pay the fee for the first day but the reward is often enough to buy a ship. The second day is only 10 Royals (50GP) and several races are held. The winner gets 80% of the fee. However, more money is made in side betting. There are 3 flags along the way and each one represents making it that much farther. Typical bets involve wagering on which flag a contender will get to.

Free City of Corsair

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