Lakewood, cunningly named for its location between a lake and a wood, is a sleepy little town. It is best known for being the birthplace of Mark Lazermith, the Mythic Mage (who died in 101). His home is still there near the center of town.
Lakewood is home to a little more than 1000 people, mostly farmers, fishermen, and woodsmen. Most farmers tend orchards (usually apple orchards with a few pear and cherry trees). Lakewood is well known for it’s cider: The locals boil some for a non-alcoholic drink known as “soft cider” but in the winter they often Jack Cider for stronger drinks. In the fall and winter, pretty much every meal comes with a side of stewed apples. Onions, Turnips, and potatoes also grow pretty well in small areas where the trees have been cleared away. Blackberries, pecans, almonds, and truffles are gathered from the woods and many types of mushrooms are grown in the caves east of town.
Senah Lake, almost always referred to as “The Lake,” is the heart of trade for the town. Boats from Fortnight and Jade do not stop going to Copenell but must stop returning north since they are fighting the stream. Items not made in town are sold from these boats, often right off the boat. The lake also provides Salmon, Gahenah, and Perch for local consumption and for barrels of salted fish to be sold at market.
Fortnite, Islekeep, and Copinell are all just one day away by boat or horse, so trade is very easy. Most citizens can afford to journey to Fortnite or Copinell once or twice a year to pick up supplies and see the sights.
The town is organized upon two streets: Waterside and Woodside. Many buildings, mostly fishermen’s homes are built upon the shore with their back door a functioning dock for their boats. Unlike other River Towns, there is no longer a Noble keep in Lakewood; It was destroyed by the peasantry during the Reclaiment War (SS 3).

Notable Locations
Town Center-In the center of town is a stone slab that has a carved statue on top which is changes every year on the feast of St. Photos when a contest is held for the new statue. The stone base is enchanted (protection from evil 130’ r)
Councilor’s hold-a simple wooden building is the town’s only civic building.
Whomever is councilor has 2 magic rings, originally from Lazermith,: a Ring of blob control and a Ring of dt. Lie.
Lazermith’s mansion: A great house still full of mystery- It protects those who are Lawful and Good.
The Spellbook- Biggest and best Tavern and Inn in town. It is a winding establishment that now covers several buildings.
Lion’s Tooth-Librarium and book binders. Since neither Islekeep nor Fortnite have a proper Librarium, this is a very popular establishment. Librariums rent or sell books and allow research as well, usually for a small fee. The Lion’s Tooth is fairly large, having nearly 400 volumes, many are combinations of multiple smaller works.
Old Hound-The town’s bakery, named after the faithful Beagle that use to live there 50 years ago. The Old Hound is one of the best bakeries in Londs.
St. Fredric’s Church- This wooden church on the Southeast side of town is fairly large but not very ornate, being built around SS50. The accustices in the church is very good, often to the chagrin of gossiping members of the congregation. Tied closely with the Copenell Church, it is more Lawful than most San Servian Churches.
Abby of St. Frederic-next to the church. This two-story building is mostly stone, one of the few stone buildings in town. Houses about 20 Nuns of the Order or St. Mary. Mostly they make Ale for the town.
The Garden: Attached to the Abby on the side opposite the Church is the Old Nun’s Brewery, run by the Sisters. There is a open area set up with tables for those who wish to enjoy Old Nun’s Ale, a Beer Garden, surrounded on two sides by trees and by the Brewery and the Abby on the other. The words “Give Thanks to the Lord” is carved upon the wall of the Abby. Food vendors often swing by, selling pretzels, Sausages, Fruit Pies, and Scotched Eggs, so there are plenty of food to be had. On feast days, the sisters often supply sweets. The Garden closes down about 20 minutes before Compline so late night revelers have to move over to the Spellbook at that time.
Lakeside Chapel- The original church for the town, it is usually frequented by the more casual observers of the Faith.
Crestland Market-The home of the Crestland Traders. This sprawling building and dock is part warehouse and part market. Boats of tradegood often dock here and sell their goods before moving on to the next River Town.
Armory-Since there is no castle, the town keeps an armory in case of need. This does include a few Harquabuses
Proving Grounds-Surrounding the Armory is a wooden picket. Within this area is the Proving Grounds, a favorite spot for musters and martial training.

The Great Boat Race
Every year on the day before the celebration of Embrace, Children from town race toy sail boats from the Pier to “Andromia’s Keel” where a lady dressed as Andromia waits. The victor gets a Luckpoint Cake, filled with random fruits and nuts made by The Old Hound. The losers get a cookie, so there end up OK.

Prominent Families
Kaline- An ancestor, lydia, was said to have been Mark’s love
Wood-Lots of woods in town
Crystone-Old, established family in Lakewood.

Prominent Residents
Sir Vance Kaline, Knight of Plador- Has been Councilor often (Born 153). He and his family are the only nobles in Lakewood.

Benethar Crestland, Monk of St. Thomas the Flagellate-Fighter with Flail (B 158)

Adderic Crestland, Master of Crestland Traders. He is pleasantly Oblivious. He is also the father of Benethar.

Karl Zelac- Master of Zelac Trader. While he is not dishonest nor a swindler but he is still not very well liked. Mostly due to his lack of charisma and strange conditions to some deals.

Beldonna Zelac- Karl’s Wife, Benethar’s Sister

Tulane Crystone- The mage that owns Mark’s House (Born 149)

Thimbel (last name is “Of Laketown”): Master of Arms. (Born 118) This crazy old man sleeps in and guards the armory and proving grounds. While he is somewhat senile, his eyesight and hearing are quite sharp.

Rederic Adler- A Monk of Pecunia. Tulane’s Bodyguard

Babs (Babolith) Wicmon-Owner of the Spellbook. Born SS 47. He is a big, jovial man but very careful in business.

Talia Wicmon- Babs’ wife

Adlar Fishman-The “Fish Sage.” An older fisherman (born SS 32). His right arm was eaten off by a Sea-Drake about fifteen years ago. Now he “organizes” the Fishmongery in the town. He knows just about everything that is going on in the town and knows most of the people in town.


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