Third Clan War

Third Clan War as of 820 (SS 198)

817 was a horrific year of war, destroying much of the armies and resources of all the clans. The last two years have been mostly pointless skirmishes and small raids. The current status of the clans are as follows:

Dangalar: Too much of Dangalar’s wealth was imported from the other clans and now the King has no real power, only authority. Dangalar and Great Cabol are the only two clans that do not have open warfare upon their lands. Dangalar has marshaled many resources to the other clans and is suffering econically and politically.

Spydryc: The lands are in ruins. Port DuLuth is overun with undead. Deceitful Vision Spydryc has proclaimed himself City Lord of Ded and has allied with Foustic. Tyrany Spydrac is Prince by royal decree and rules from Dangalar but has no real power over the clan. Dear Prudence commands the loyal army from Lodain and hires San Servian mercenaries but have yet to take any land. Droughtmyre and Terrorweb are loyal and are supported by Balroe.
The colony in Kami-Kor, after having to fend for itself for years, is basically an independent state.

Foustic: the lands of Foustic are barren with most of the slaves freed and gone. The cities are near empty and the army must plunder for supplies. More and more they are resorting to using monsters, summoned devils, and diabolic mutations to achieve their ends.

Styxport is still held for Dangalar but has been surrounded for years by enemy held territory. They nearly starved out in 817 and the city is still decimated from that year. Only supplies coming from Malabranch Gate and Balroe keep the city in the hands of Dangalar.

Dedlak: Dedlak has proclaimed for the “Old Order” and is technically Neutral. However, they are allied with Foustic and work closely with them. Able to marshal numerous resources, they are gaining the advantage in the war.

Balroe: After a Civil War within the Clan, Balroe has proclaimed for the Old Order and “Honored Neutrality” but is allied with Dangalar. They are in open conflict with Foustic but have a treaty with Dedlak. They have no Prince but is lead by Clan Lord DuGorge Balroe.

Stigma: Have proclaimed for the “Old Order” but is openly opposed to Dangalar and Foustic. They have basically seceded from the Kingdom. They have taken Blackdepth and Midpass and expanded their territory on all sides.

The Great Cabal: Have proclaimed for Dangalar. They provide the logistics that have kept Danagalar’s forces alive.

Beliz: Beliz was Pro-Foustic but was crushed by Dangalar. Beliz clan lords fled into Lodnar and nearly brought Lodnar into the war. Lodnar crushed these rebels and then entered into Beliz lands to “help maintain order.” Dangalar has “invited” Lodnar to help maintain the western half of Beliz lands but really is powerless to prevent them from taking over. Dangalar controls the Eastern half and Beliz is basically distroyed.

Valeth: Valeth is recovering from the battles of 817. They have proclaimed for Dangalar and have suffered much for it. Midpass is held by Stigma. They are regaining power after much deplomacy and exploration.

Kami-Kor: Only four clans maintain colonies in Kami-Kor (Stigma, Dedlak, Spydrac, and Valeth). The rest have abandoned their bases.

Third Clan War

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